How To Connect An Old Dell Computer To Wifi

4/01/2014 Okay I'm using a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 and I can connect to my neighbors wifi just fine, but when I go to connect to our home, I enter the correct password and it connects...but the internet doesn't work! I know nothing is wrong with out wifi, my iPhone can connect just fine! I tried... […]

How To Draw Animals Step By Step Videos

To draw an Alpaca step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. […]

How To Become And Auditor In Canada

Learn the skills necessary to lead an audit team with confidence. This course provides an overview of the life cycle of an audit from a lead internal auditor’s perspective while examining the internal control environment and audit governance. […]

How To Call Yahoo Mail Customer Service

Learn how you can get help with your free AOL Mail accounts, as well as chat and phone options for members on AOL MyBenefits Plans. Thanks for finding us! Click a heading below to learn more about support resources for free AOL Mail accounts, as well as chat and phone options for members on AOL MyBenefits Plans. […]

How To Draw A Simple Mammoth

Animal Sketches, Animal Drawings, Art Sketches, Pencil Drawings, Drawing Lessons, Drawing Tips, Drawing Techniques, Bison, Easy Drawings, How To Draw Manga, Ideas For Drawing, Figure Drawing, Step By Step Drawing […]

How To Avoid Mono After Exposure

Mononucleosis is believed to be spread through saliva. If infected, you can help prevent the spread of the virus by not kissing or sharing food, eating utensils, or drinking glasses with others. If infected, you can help prevent the spread of the virus by not kissing or sharing food, eating utensils, or drinking glasses with others. […]

How To Become Chartered Accountant After 12th

You can become a Chartered Accountant, after successfully completing 12th Standard. Kindly note that you could have opted for Commerce / Science / Arts or any other stream in 12th Standard, and there is no restriction on the stream that you opted in 12th Standard. […]

How To Download Older Version Of Kodi

Even if you a 64-bit computer, you will have to make do with the 32-bit version of Kodi on versions older than Windows 10. Double click the Kodi installer file you downloaded and follow the onscreen instructions to install Kodi Krypton v17.6. […]

How To Download Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast

Play Instructions: Install the game - Full Installation. Extract the File Archive to the game directory - Overwriting existing files! Execute/Double-Click the JEDI-KNIGHT-2_1-04_INSTALL.REG file to update the windows registry. […]

How To Add Bookmark To Windows Tasksbar

Adding Bookmarks to Windows 8 Taskbar. By Dave Taylor. The Question:I’m a big hockey fan and visit the NHL site multiple times a day. Is there a way to bookmark the page so that it’s an actual button on my Win8 Desktop Taskbar? […]

How To Change Lock Screen G5

20/02/2017 · xda-developers LG G5 LG G5 Guides, News, & Discussion [GUIDE] Any Live wallpaper on lock screen by antoxa2584 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. […]

How To Cancel My Youtube Subsscribtion Notification

Keep reading to learn about six key places where your videos appear, and what you can do to improve your chances for success: Search, Suggested Videos, Home, Trending, Subscriptions, and Notifications, in no particular order. […]

How To Become A Medical Transcriptionist In Ontario

Visit the post for more. Best Data Entry Jobs From Home -> Source : Work from home transcription for accutran global 19 transcription jobs online for beginners work from home transcription companies 100 job leads homework become a transcriptionist … […]

How To Download A Mysql Server Schem

Get to Know MySQL Workbench Mark mysql-client and mysql-server for installation. Click Apply. That's it. Now to the Workbench installation. Most likely you won't find a MySQL Workbench entry in Synaptic or gnome-package-kit. Instead you will have to download a pre-compiled binary from the MySQL Workbench download page. You will want to go to the Development Release tab in order to […]

How To Create Mindmaps Online

This contributed code activity module can add, create and share mindmaps within Moodle. Features. Create and share mindmaps online. Make mindmaps … […]

How To Clean Burnt Enanel Pots

Simmer 4 or 5 unpeeled potatoes (do not clean first) in a pot full of water until most of it evaporates. Refill and boil down again, repeating the process 4 times. Allow to sit overnight. Refill and boil down again, repeating the process 4 times. […]

How To Clean Old Plastic

Plastic food containers can be tough to clean properly; Plastic containers retain foul odours and stains from old food; Turn your old plastic boxes into new ones using these kitchen ingredients […]

How To Develop Mobile App Using Java

In this article, I will use eclipse mobile juno development environment. Create New Project . For creating new project click on the File -> New -> Project. It opens the new wizard window where you can select application template and set the name of the project and package name. On the click on Next Button, it moves to the next step. Here provide the Application Name, Project […]

How To Cut Crown Molding Without A Compound Miter Saw

When using a standard miter saw, a crown molding would need to be placed on the saw table or stand upside down at the exact angle that it is going to be installed at before an angle cut can be made. This is not very practical and it has the added disadvantage of tall crown molding not fitting underneath the blade. Even if it did fit, the raised guide along the back of the saw’s frame will […]

How To Create A Disaster Recovery Plan

Following on from our last videos, Understanding Hybrid, Private and Public Clouds and How to Virtualise your Business and Migrate to the Cloud our CEO, Tim Poultney, will now talk through What Is a Disaster Recovery Plan And How To Insure Against the Impact of any Disaster. […]

How To Add Data Toggle On S7 Edge Notification

5/03/2016 The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge launched in 2016 and was one of two of Samsung's flagship devices. The S7 Edge features a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, 4GB of RAM, 323GB of storage, and 12MP main camera sensor. […]

How To Become An Expert Mage In Skyrim

Character Builds Mage, Thief, Assassin, Warrior . If you want to become a lethal character in Skyrim, one that your foes cant stand, then you should focus on a specific set of skills and […]

How To Add Apple Car To Mazcda Cx5

Speaking with media at the CX-8 launch in July, Mazda's local managing director, Alastair Doak, said: "Mazda Australia will offer, by year's end, an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade kit […]

How To Download And Install Mplab Ide

MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a free, integrated toolset for the development of embedded applications employing Microchips PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers. MPLAB IDE runs as a 32-bit application on Microsoft Windows, is easy to use and includes a host of free software components for fast application development and super-charged debugging. […]

How To Change System Locale In Windows 10

Click the Administrative tab, and then, under Language for non-Unicode programs, click Change system locale. If you're prompted for an administrator password […]

How To Cook Steel Cut Oats With Coconut Milk

almond milk version: ½ cup almond milk, regular milk, coconut, or nut milk of choice - I used my homemade vanilla almond milk; ¼ cup regular or gluten-free steel cut oats, or rolled oats […]

How To Download Conquer Online

Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge (aka 命令与征服:尤里的复仇, Command & Conquer: Alerte Rouge 2 - La Revanche de Yuri, Command & Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot 2 - Yuris Rache) is a video game published in 2001 on Windows by Electronic Arts, Inc.. The game is set in an africa, europe, north america and oceania themes. […]

How To Connect Nikon D5000 To Computer

To be safe, always reformat the card in the D5000 after the D5000 has been connected to any computer. Of course formatting completely wipes any photos off your card. Be sure to have these photos transferred and backed up to at least two locations before formatting. […]

How To Become A Mold Remediation Specialist

Healthy Living & Work Environments. Eco-Friendly Mold Inspection and Removal Services. If you arrived at this page, then you are researching a potential problem with mold in your business or your home. […]

How To Download And Install Typing Master

Mirror Download Link TypingMaster PRO 11 Patch helps you acquire professional touch-typing skills so you can type up to four times faster without errors. It includes many different exercises, tests, and even games to keep lessons from getting stale. […]

How To Download Nes Games For Psp

Download section for Super Nintendo (SNES) ROMs of Rom Hustler. Browse ROMs by download count and ratings. 100% Fast Downloads! […]

How To Add Fun Elements Into A Educational Game

Math Game Time's free games and worksheets were designed to help children practice and build confidence in their addition skills in fun and creative ways. When you combine these games and worksheets with our free instructional addition videos, children will be adding like pros. […]

How To Avoid Stretch Marks When Pregnant Uk

Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks. This contains affiliate links. Please read my Disclosure for more info. Pregnancy Stretch Marks! Some women are blessed to not get any pregnancy stretch marks and unfortunately for the rest of us we are prone to getting these unattractive, ugly pregnancy stretch marks! […]

How To Change From Uppercase To Lowercase With Right Click

Clipcase is a free portable tool that allows you to change text case between uppercase and lowercase of copied text. This conversion is done automatically using specific keyboard shortcut hotkeys. This conversion is done automatically using specific keyboard shortcut hotkeys. […]

How To Delete Your Own Discord Server

Discord server supports bots to enhance or improve your discord server. But it’s hard to find out best discord bots because there are dozens of Discord bots available. So if you don’t know what Bots to add to your server then, Check it out this useful list to find the best one. […]

How To Add My Smart Phone On Esest Anti Theft

13/09/2017 · Purchase a license to use premium features IMPORTANT: Premium features including Anti-Theft, SMS & Call Filter, Security Audit, Anti-Phishing, and Remote Wipe are … […]

Ark How To Catch A Dolphin

Noah’s Ark Cobham Close The children at Noah’s Ark Nursery, Cobham Close have been getting up close to nature on their weekly nature walks! On the first nature walk the children walked to Wandsworth Common wearing their high vis jackets and the teachers brought a tray with magnifying glasses and a mat to sit down on together in the woods. […]

How To Buy Rupee Cryptocurrency

When deciding where to buy cryptocurrency you must first assess your understanding of the economics of this business extend. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want an easy-to … […]

How To Cancel My Yelp Account

Yelp doesn't have a customer phone number that is answered by an agent. Instead, GetHuman1045602 will want to follow the link below to head to their help center. […]

How To Create A Bee Nuk

How to Create a Nucleus from your own Hives. Nucleus, often shortened to nuc, is the name for a small colony of bees, taken from existing hives by a beekeeper as a way of increasing his number of hives. […]

How To Change Your Window To 7 X 64

Windows has always been pretty customizable, and there are a ton of ways to change up the way your PC looks—though, it hasn't always been easy. In the past, changing anything other than wallpapers,... […]

How To Close Sessions With Netstat

2/01/2018 The TCP Session Establishment is a Network Basic concept. This is called the TCP 3-Way Handshake (SYN,SYN-ACK,ACK) TCP connection is constructed by something called a Socket. A socket is one endpoint of a two-way communication link between two programs running on the network. A socket is a combination of an IP address and a port number. Example of a socket: In order to […]

How To Cook A Turkey On A George Foreman Rotisserie

cook on the George Foreman:P) because my work on storming up a recipe for a pumpkin bar. Buffalo Chicken Burritos. 774 views. tenders cooked and shredded (I use my george foreman grill only takes 5 minutes to cook. more recipes. Groups / George foreman rotisserie recipes (0) Bay Area Moms Favorite Recipes. 55 members. Bay Area to join, but please don't add any recipes that you don't think … […]

How To Become Flight Attendant In Usa

At United®, our employees have helped to create a culture that encourages new ideas and rewards performance. Join our team, and with the right qualifications, attitude and commitment, there's virtually no limit to how high your career can go. […]

How To Add Subject Alternative Name To Ssl Certificate

20/07/2012 · Specifies one or more DNS names to put into the Subject Alternative Name extension of the certificate when a certificate to be copied is not specified via the CloneCert parameter. The first DNS name is also saved as Subject Name and Issuer Name. […]

How To Build An Alpha Helix Software

X-ray fibre diffraction is a very powerful method for determining the structure of polymers, both biological and synthetic. For example, X-ray fibre diffraction allowed the proposal of the famous Watson-Crick double helix model for the DNA molecule, which opened the way to modern genetics. […]

How To Draw An Anime Male Face

How To Draw Anime And Manga Male Head And Face Anime Outline Diana Sommer. How To Draw Anime Boy Face Drawn Manga Male Drawing Pencil And In Benjamin Engel. Draw A Manga Face Male Manga Face And Drawings Nadine Eberhardt. How To Draw Anime Tutorial With Beautiful Anime Character Drawings Andreas Ritter. How To Draw A Cartoon Face Male Karin Rothschild. How To Draw A Cartoon Face Male […]

Bookmarks Toolbar Gone How To Bring It Back Firefox

I made mistake of using Edge (site was balking at Firefox) and went back to FF and now bookmarks toolbar disappeared. clicked on bmarks on view, but nothing Top left list gone When I attempt to drag a site icon to the Bookmarks toolbar, I get circle with line. […]

How To Draw Step By Step Characters

4/01/2019 · We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our Draw a Character. How to. Draw a Female Character. How to. Draw a Girl's Face\Head That You May Like. How to . Draw an American Indian. Article SummaryX. To draw a person, start by sketching a basic wire frame for them that includes their head and body. Then, go back in and draw the shapes of their body … […]

How To Cook Pasta Feom Pasta Pantry

For a quick weeknight pasta sauce, we balance garlic’s sweet and fiery sides and then add a few pantry staples—all in the time it takes to boil spaghetti. For a quick weeknight pasta sauce, we balance garlic’s sweet and fiery sides and then add a few pantry staples—all in the time it takes to boil spaghetti. MOST RECIPES. Menu. Close. Upgrade. Free Trial. Get FREE ACCESS to every […]

How To Delete Books From Kobo Glo

Review Date: December 2012 - Review unit purchased from Powell's Books. Overview. The Kobo Glo is among the first wave of ebook readers to incorporate a frontlight to achieve better radiability in low lighting conditions, especially at night. […]

How To Add Celebrity Snapchat

Find new celebrity usernames to add to your Snapchat list. Dec 15, 4:01 AM EST. Newsletter Signup. Search Click here to read the first Celebrity Snapchat roundup we wrote back in May. If you […]

How To Add And Delete Users From Hubspot

Depending on the size, scope, and goals of your website, you can migrate from HubSpot to WordPress easily as far as content and data go. While you’ll need to select a new theme, customize that theme, and add to it as necessary, an experienced web design and … […]

Wp Rocket How To Clear Mobile Cache

WP Rocket 3.2.4-beta4 - Cache Plugin for WordPress - NULLED DEMO Looking for a Faster Website? Thanks to Our Plugin, WordPress has never been so Efficient. Don't waste your time taking advan Thanks to Our Plugin, WordPress has never been so Efficient. […]

How To Clean Philips Sensotouch Shaver

SensoTouch 3D - Ultimate shaving experience with GyroFlex 3D system.The most advanced shave yet, the SensoTouch 3D RQ1285 shaver gives you the ultimate shaving experience. The GyroFlex 3D system follows every contour of your face and the UltraTrack heads shave every hair … […]

How To Clean Hamster Cage With Babies

Cleaning your dwarf hamster cage isn’t a fun task but it’s absolutely necessary for keeping your pets happy and healthy. You’ll want to clean your hamster cage every week to provide your pets a good environment to live in. Remember, your hamster(s) will live the majority of their lives in the home you provide them – so it’s worth […]

How To Choose Car Speakers

How To Choose The Best New Car Speaker?! October 13, 2017 August 14, 2017 by Muhammad Ibrahim. You agree with me when I say that a car speaker is the essence of your car sound system. If you bought good speakers you will enjoy your sound system but when you buy a bad speaker you can’t enjoy your system whatever you brought to it. We reviewed so many brands and speakers but we felt … […]

How To Clean Empty Liquid Peroxide Barrels

Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade 32% ChemWorld 32% Hydrogen Peroxide. This product is FDA approved. This is a concentrated hazmat product and should not be used without proper knowledge of proper handling procedures. […]

How To Become A Lay Buddhist

I think secular Buddhism should be saying householders should not be concerned with Nibbana, but how to raise their children to be mindful. Teaching laypeople how to become enlightened would be harder than teaching a 25 handicap golfer how to shape his tee shots. […]

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Jeff Guenther July 27, 2011 at 4:01 pm. Hi Laurie, I really like your article a lot! I think your tips for breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend are really important. […]

How To Clean Ski Pants

Rain and snow also make it easy for a jacket to get dirty, since dirt and grime wash away from cars or buildings, and eventually wipe off on jackets. Children are especially susceptible to getting jackets dirty, since they enjoy playing in puddles and mud. Dirt, grime and mud stains can be removed by spot cleaning and washing the waterproof jackets. […]

How To Clean Acrylic Plastic Windows

Put the plastic painted item inside the plastic bag and pour a ½ cup of rubbing alcohol into the plastic bag. Seal the plastic bag and shake it for at least one minute. This will allow the rubbing alcohol to be absorbed by the plastic painted item. Let the rubbing alcohol sit for at least 10 minutes. […]

How To Add Links On Instagram Bio

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’re definitely going to want to hear this news about the latest features rolling out on the app. The way your bio looks is about to change, but don’t […]

How To Cut Hair Into A Short Bob

29/12/2010 · short bob hairstyles learn how to cut the perfect precision bob haircut. 4:38. How to cut an A-line bob hairstyle on your self at home! Cut our own hair. 0:15. hairstyle ideas, the best haircuts for your face shape, long hairstyles (24) 0:15 . hairstyle ideas, the best haircuts for your face shape, long hairstyles (20) 0:15. hairstyle ideas, the best haircuts for your face shape, long […]

How To Draw Cup Of Coffee

In this tutorial well draw a very realistic cup of coffee. Underneath the cup well add some stain using custom brush. This tutorial may look advance but the techniques are simple. Start by creating circle shape using ellipse tool. Set foreground color to #F2F2F2. Make sure you have selected […]

How To Draw A Female Face For Beginners

This profile view is of a beautiful female's face and I guide you through the drawi. Today I'll show you how to draw a realistic woman's face from the side view. This profile view is of a beautiful female's face and I guide you through the drawi […]

Demul How To Create Vms

30/11/2017 · تنظیم مموری کارت :در این قسمت کارت حافظه بازی را تنظیم میکنید بر روی گزینه VMS manager کلیلک کنید تا کادری باز شود در قسمت PORT 1 گزینه Edit را بزنید تا کادری باز شود گزینه Create VMS را زده تا مموری کارت ایجاد شود کادری باز شده وشما محل […]

How To Change Inches To Cm

Learn how to convert from cm to inches and backward from inches to cm. This conversion is quite simple and easy to comprehend. I will show you basic formulas for better understanding of relation between measurement units. […]

How To Share Dance Bug Videos

Bug Bot on Screen share glitches out and turns green when you fullscreen. Can reproduce. Still can reproduce. Macbook Air (Early 2015), macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Discord Canary (Build 18043) […]

How To Build A Wood Fired Oven At Home

How To Build Wood Fired Oven Building A Wood Frame Garage 10 X 20 Cabin Shed How Build Closet Diy Outdoor Storage For Childrens Toys Take a look around your backyard or garden and I bet generally there will be loads of items that are just lying about, making the place look untidy. […]

How To Cook Ribs In The Oven Simple

Pork ribs baked, simmered, slow cooked, barbecued or all of the above! Lots of great recipes for baby back and spare ribs here. Top Pork Rib Recipes . Chinese Pork Ribs with Vinegar 3 reviews . 1 hour 15 min. Chinese black vinegar adds a delicious punch to these braised spare ribs. In a pinch you could substitute balsamic vinegar. Recipe by: tonytsang 3-2-1 Smoked Ribs 1 review . 6 hours 35 […]

How To Become A Writer For Netflix

With original series such as House of Cards, Jessica Jones, Dare Devil, Blood Line, Marco Polo, Master of None, Narcos, Orange is the new Black, Sense 8, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; Netflix has become a major player of original programming. […]

How To Change A Word Document To Pdf Format

The pdf looks like the word document as it looks after I have saved it as a pdf. The word-document is in .docx-format but the same thing happens if i first save it as .doc-format, and then try to save as pdf. […]

How To Create Multiple Local User On Ps4

In order to share your Evolve downloadable content with other user accounts on the same PlayStation console, please follow the instructions below. First off, your PS4 has to be activated as your main console for you to share DLC on it. […]

How To Carry A Refrigerator Up Stairs

Airsleds Refrigerator Movers Make it Easy! Refrigerators can pose unique challenges when it comes to deliveries, repairs, removals and flooring installations. Our high quality refrigerator movers make moving a refrigerator simple, even the large, difficult-to-maneuver Sub-Zero, Viking and GE Monogram models. […]

How To Build A Time Machine In Real Life

The scientists of "Jurassic Park" get around the problem of missing DNA by filling in the missing pieces with frog DNA. That might fill a plot hole, but the gaps in a dinosaur's genome are a different matter. […]

How To Add New Contact In Outlook

22/12/2016 · If I click on the three dots to the right of the Add button, I get the option to link the "new" contact with existing ones, but the existing contact doesn't show up! It seems like this feature is completely broken, and since I have no experience with previous versions of Outlook, I don't know if it ever worked. Seems like the most basic feature of an email/contacts client . […]

How To Change The Name Of Your Ebay Store

To change the contact name for your business: Go to Settings. Click Update in the "Business information" section. Click Change name for your "Business Contact Name". […]

Discord How To Change Voice Of Tts

Discord Moments EP1 - Voice Changer, /tts, and More! Discord Funny Moments Play and Listen the first episode of a new series i had a lot of fun making this and i wish i would stared this series earlier ive strarted working on a 2nd episode but i dont know Discord Moments EP1 - Voice Changer, /tts, and More! Discord Funny Moments Mp3 […]

How To Become An Online Chat Representative

Gone are the days in which customer service and support is done only by phone, because now many companies use chat agents. Work at home chat agents provide help through instant online messaging through the companys interface. […]

How To Build Carriage Style Garage Doors

If you are purchasing a new garage door, board-and-batten doors with decorative strap hinges or a stable style door will compliment your cottage home. Hang a wrought iron carriage lantern above […]

How To Create Your Own Thumbnail On Youtube

26/05/2015 · How to Make Custom Thumbnails on YouTube // In this video I'll show you how to make and change your YouTube custom thumbnails. All it takes is my 2 secret social media weapons that I use to create […]

How To Clean Boat Hull Fiberglass

If your boat has a fiberglass hull, deck and cabin; mix one-half cup of white vinegar, one-half cup of baking soda into a gallon of warm water that contains 1 cup of ammonia. When the baking soda and vinegar come together, they create a foaming action. Use the solution when the baking soda is thoroughly dissolved, as it is abrasive to fiberglass. Use this as a universal cleaning agent for the […]

How To Cut Layers With Creaclip

How to cut Layered hairstyle and bangs: How to cut Celebrity Layers! Layer cut your own hair! How to trim Beach Layered Haircut! CreaClip Haircutting Live Vol 2 - In the Caribbean […]

How To Download Skype To Samsung Phone

28/08/2011 i've not long had samsung Galaxy S and want to get skype on it. I just bought IM+ Pro (only app i can find) which seems a dud. Skype mobile download web page doen't list this phone as one of the phones supported. […]

How To Build A Dog House For Winter

This dog house heater should help your outside dog through the winter. You will however need to check on your dog regularly and making sure the bulb is still working and the heater is supplying enough heat. It is recommended that you still bring your dog in at night. This heater will probably not help much in high wind or in climates well below freezing. […]

How To Clear A Block Nose

Facial steams assist to get rid of mucus and can even unwind the body enough to break you into sleep. To set up a steam, Wellness Mama advices putting an inch full of water in a big pot and boil it. You can likewise pour bubbling water from a tea pot into a vast bowl. Include the desired fixings […]

How To Draw Front Facing Feet

A front door opening outwards is pushing away most good energy, thus the house cannot benefit from good feng shui. Last but not least, good feng shui house floor plans will never have stairs facing the front door with less than a couple feet distance from each other. […]

How To Become An English Professor At A Community College

Some faculty position in developmental studies (reading, writing and math) and English as a Second Language require documentation of a bachelors degree with a major or minor in the teaching field. Qualifications for teaching occupational/technical courses require at least three years of related work experience and an associates degree in the teaching field are required. […]

How To Configure Windows Firewall To Allow Ports

How to open ports in Windows Firewall. According to your needs, you can configure Windows Firewall settings (block or open port in Windows 10/8/7l) and restore defaults if you are unsatisfied with the default Windows Firewall settings. […]

How To Become A Mental Health Psychologist

Many trained mental health professionals practice psychotherapy, including psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, counsellors, art/music/drama therapists, and social workers. It's also possible to train as a psychotherapist at postgraduate level without having a therapeutic background. […]

How To Call 999 From Abroad

When to call 999 In a life-threatening emergency. Always call 999 if someone is seriously ill or injured, and their life is at risk. Examples of medical emergencies include (but are not limited to): […]

How To Appear Offline On Discord Mac

Discord confirmed to MacRumors that the Spotify update will be available for both the Mac and PC apps, as well as in web browsers, and all of the Spotify integrations will go live on Discord today. […]

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